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The 9th graders at the Harbor school have made seventeen trips to different bodies of water in New York City. The trips were made as a part of a class called INTRODUCTION TO NEW YORK HARBOR. The students have posted blogs telling about about each trip and giving information about each different body of water. It also contains two videos that some of the students produced. One is about Newtown Creek , the other is about a Rainy Day on the Lettie G. Howard . Both videos require Quicktime. They may take a few minutes to load.

This information could also be useful for New York Harbor School's future students and for anyone interested in learning more about the harbor.

This photo was taken from the Wall Street Journal Online's story about the Harbor School.

The Harbor School is a High School located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This blog contains information about the 9th grade INTRODUCTION TO NEW YORK HARBOR class. The class is a requirement for all 9th graders; it is a field class in which students explore the different bodies of water which make up the New York Harbor.

What is the New York Harbor?

The New York Harbor is an esturary. An esturary is a place where salt and fresh water mix. Being that is an esturary there are fish that live in salt water and fresh water. There are over 300 different species of fish in the New York Harbor. The New York Harbor consists of the East River, the Hudson River, the New York Bay, the Newtown Creek, the Bronx River, the Gowanus Canal, and the Long Island Sound.

Dead Horse Bay

Coney Island

Bronx River

Gowanus Canal

Harlem River

East River

Hudson River.

Newtown Creek